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About Sugar Milk Cafe

Nestled in Naperville, Sugar Milk Cafe, an enchanting breakfast and brunch spot, invites patrons to indulge in a culinary experience crafted with passion. This vibrant establishment captivates with its colorful and eclectic decor, featuring art inspired by Frida Kahlo adorning the walls. Operated by a dedicated owner, Saul Cabrera, the cafe boasts a diverse menu showcasing delectable breakfast and brunch options, including expertly prepared eggs, crisp waffles, aromatic French toast, and an array of pastries.

The establishment’s ambiance is further enriched by the presence of carefully selected coffee blends, teas, and luscious milkshakes. Open during convenient hours, Sugar Milk becomes a haven for locals and visitors alike seeking a delightful breakfast or a leisurely brunch experience. Whether relishing the French-inspired baked goods or sipping on a rich cup of coffee, patrons are sure to be charmed by the unique offerings at this restaurant.

Sugar Milk Cafe’s Menu

Renowned for its signature beverages, Sugar Milk Cafe presents a menu that tantalizes taste buds with a delightful array of options. In the realm of beverages, a curated selection of coffee blends takes center stage, each cup meticulously crafted to perfection. The drink menu reflects the cafe’s commitment to providing a sensorial coffee experience. Beyond the liquid indulgences, the cafe’s menu extends its allure with a tempting array of light bites.

Patrons can savor the delicate flavors of expertly prepared eggs, crispy waffles, and luscious French toast, each dish a testament to the culinary artistry on offer. Indulge in the sweet notes of delectable pastries or opt for the savory satisfaction of French-inspired baked goods. Whether one seeks a caffeine fix or a delightful brunch, Sugar Milk’s menu beckons with a harmonious fusion of flavors, promising a memorable dining experience in the heart of Naperville.

Sugar Milk Cafe food
Sugar Milk Cafe space

Standout Savory Dishes

Boasting a diverse array of renowned beverages, Sugar Milk Cafe stands as a haven for those seeking a delightful drink experience in the heart of Naperville. With a menu carefully curated to please discerning palates, the cafe invites patrons to explore a world of flavor.

Potatas Bravas

One standout on the menu is the Patatas Bravas, a distinctive concoction that marries the bold flavors of espresso with a hint of sweet vanilla. This drink, celebrated for its harmonious blend of contrasting notes, promises a rich and invigorating experience for coffee enthusiasts.


For those craving a more classic indulgence, the Macchiato takes center stage. Expertly crafted with a shot of robust espresso stained with a dollop of frothy milk, this timeless beverage offers a perfect balance between the intensity of coffee and the creaminess of milk, creating a sip-worthy masterpiece.

Strawberry Banana Crepes

Delving into the sweet side of the menu, the Strawberry Banana Crepes drink beckons with its luscious blend of ripe strawberries and creamy banana, creating a refreshing and indulgent treat reminiscent of a delightful brunch. The carefully balanced sweetness of this concoction makes it a popular choice among those with a penchant for fruity and satisfying beverages.

Sugar Milk Cafe’s Airy Ambiance

Embracing a spacious ambiance, Sugar Milk provides an expansive setting, perfect for groups of friends gathering to savor a culinary experience together. The establishment’s atmosphere is designed to accommodate and enhance the enjoyment of patrons, creating a welcoming space for camaraderie and shared moments. With its roomy layout, the cafe effortlessly caters to the conviviality of friends seeking to appreciate the diverse menu offerings.

Adding to the convenience of the experience, the cafe features ample parking space. This generous provision ensures that visitors can easily access the establishment without the hassle of searching for parking, contributing to a seamless and stress-free dining experience. The combination of a spacious interior and convenient parking facilities makes Sugar Milk an inviting destination for those desiring a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere in the heart of Naperville.

Service Options

Tailoring to diverse preferences, Sugar Milk Cafe offers a range of services, catering to the convenience of different patrons. Whether opting for dine-in experiences within the vibrant establishment, ordering takeout for a cozy meal at home, or choosing curbside pickup for on-the-go satisfaction, the cafe ensures a flexible and accommodating approach to service. With options to suit various lifestyles, Sugar Milk invites individuals to enjoy its delectable offerings in a manner that best fits their preferences and schedules.

Seamless Reservations

For those desiring a reserved dining experience, Sugar Milk Cafe accommodates advance bookings. Reservations can be made to secure a spot in the vibrant establishment. For further details or to inquire about availability, interested individuals are encouraged to contact the establishment directly. A simple phone call to the cafe provides the necessary information and ensures a seamless process for those wishing to plan ahead and enjoy a delightful meal in the heart of Naperville.

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Sugar Milk Cafe keeps patrons informed about the latest offerings and events through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Accessible for viewing the most recent updates, these channels serve as a dynamic source for staying connected with the cafe’s current happenings. For those seeking up-to-the-minute information on menu additions, special promotions, or any noteworthy developments, exploring the cafe’s social media profiles provides a convenient and engaging way to stay in the loop with the vibrant offerings of Sugar Milk.

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Customer Reviews

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Great food, good fun!

November 28, 2023

Caught up with a friend here for brunch, and oh boy, the food was a delight! I ventured into new flavors and dishes, and aside from the deliciousness (thanks, spell check, for questioning my ordering skills, haha), the decor was quirky and fascinating! It’s got that cozy, one-of-a-kind vibe that I absolutely love in my cafes. If I lived closer, I could totally see myself being a regular, and I’m definitely planning to go back.

Avatar for Karyn S.
Karyn S.


November 27, 2023

What a find! This place is like a hidden treasure, totally unassuming from the outside. Once you step in, the eclectic design catches your eye, and it all just clicks—it’s so cute! Don’t let the faded menus distract you; the food is beyond excellent and way better than those pics suggest, lol. And let’s talk about the coffee—it’s hands down some of the best I’ve ever had! Now, the staff? Super friendly and helpful. Shoutout to Willy, my go-to server; he’s not only knowledgeable but also adds that extra cherry on top of the dining experience with his personality. I haven’t tried anything there that I didn’t absolutely love! Seriously, check this place out!!!!!

Avatar for Darlene M.
Darlene M.

We had great meals!

November 24, 2023

YES YES YES!!! I’m buzzing with energy from my sugar rush! But really, we initially came here for a coffee date, and boy, did we stumble upon a beautiful, hidden gem—yes, for coffee, but SO MUCH MORE! Picture this: warm greetings as you enter, matching the wonderful coffee vibes. The owners and staff are just so kind and welcoming. We thought it was just a coffee joint, but lo and behold, they’ve got an array of beautiful pastries (including GIANT chocolate chip cookies) on display. Ample seating, and the menu is a treasure trove of amazing coffee and hot chocolate drinks.

Avatar for Brittany R.
Brittany R.

Super friendly staff

November 12, 2023

I get it, everything seems like it’s on a sugar overload, but trust me, it’s perfection! Every bite was delicious, even the mole chilaquiles. My daughter and I devoured everything you see in the pictures. Our specific server may not have been as present, but watching the rest of the team and the bustling kitchen, you could see they were on top of things. The place was packed when we went, a diverse crowd of all ages—it was fantastic. Adorable decor (we love Frida), and everyone was so friendly. Count on us to be back.

Avatar for Nohemi Z.
Nohemi Z.


November 11, 2023

Yummy food, adorable cafe, budget-friendly prices, and a menu with so much variety. Our waiter knew the drinks inside out, and the service was top-notch! I mean, $10.99 for crepes? Can’t beat that!

Avatar for Julyssa

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Contact Information

Effortless navigation is ensured for patrons wishing to visit Sugar Milk Cafe by simply following the map provided below. Clearly outlined, the map illustrates the most convenient routes and accessible areas, facilitating a smooth journey to the cafe. Guests can easily plan their route, making it hassle-free to reach the cafe and explore the delightful culinary offerings in the heart of Naperville.